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Online Recovery: Meetings

Al Anon Meetings via Zoom: You can have your camera off, change your screen name, have complete anonymity and just listen in to check it out. 

AA Meetings via Zoom

Ongoing Online AA: Meetings that were already online before COVID-19

SLAA (Sex & Love Anonymous) Online Meetings

OA (Overeaters Anonymous)

Recovery Dharma Online Meetings: Guided meditation meetings in Buddhist fashion ("May you be free of suffering...etc./dedication of merit). 

Online Recovery: Speaker Tapes

Don’t have time or having trouble connecting to a Zoom meeting? Check out these recordings to hear some experience, strength, and hope.

AA speakers via Youtube

Al Anon Speakers via YouTube

Online Recovery: More Info

The Buzz is the newsletter that will keep you up to date with what is happening in AA in both SF & Marin. They are covering the virtual shift in meetings and making announcements. 

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