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Sick, traveling or simply don’t have time to fight traffic? Not a problem. Doctors at The Clinic, with locations in San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Berkeley, and Marin County, California, offer appointments via video or telemedicine. The Clinic will also soon service patients out of its new Berkeley and Marin locations.

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Dr. Portillo is a postdoctoral fellow with expertise in sleep disorders and concerns related to sexual health and relationship conflict. She also has extensive experience working with individuals coping with stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, perfectionism, and trauma. She maintains an awareness of trauma-informed and culturally sensitive practices and enjoys working with culturally diverse populations.

Dr. Portillo creates a safe space where patients feel comfortable and are able to develop greater insight into themselves and their relationships. She collaborates with patients to establish clear treatment goals and focuses on their strengths in developing and discovering the skills they need to optimize wellbeing. She utilizes tools and techniques to increase self-awareness, manage/reduce symptoms, and increase self-efficacy. She helps patients identify their values and goals and align themselves accordingly so that they can live a more valued and meaningful life. She also integrates a holistic mind-body approach that views the interactions between them as inherently linked and when appropriate provides mindfulness interventions to target the mind-body connection.

Dr. Portillo enjoys working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families in the East Bay, San Francisco and via telemedicine across the state of California.

Dr. Portillo completed her pre-doctoral internship at Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) in Mountain View. She received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute, Berkeley and her bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco.

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